Mediolanum Cardio Research
MCR works in conformity to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and current regulations. In addition MCR has developed a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which are regularly updated to reflect regulatory environment. MCR offers a comprehensive set of services to provide medical devices and pharmaceutical companies with an integrated solution for product development and approval process. MCR has a large experience in investigator-initiated trials and can offer logistical and operational support, scientific and regulatory expertise and training.

Meet MCR at EuroPCR 2016

Planned and ongoing clinical trials: a status update from Mediolanum Cardiovascular Research (MCR)

Wednesday 18 May 2016
13:35 - 14:35
CRO / ARO Room 342B

Attend this session if you want:
* To be updated on planned or ongoing clinical trials that may change our future practice
* To gain in depth understanding of trial design and execution
* To learn about upcoming milestones for trial recruitment, analysis and presentation plan

MCR is partner of the Horizon 2020 InSilc project

MCR is also partner of the RECAGE project

MCR is also partner of the PD_PAL project

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